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Isabelle Renier

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Isabelle Renier


I have been practicing Trager for 12 years: 3 years of training and 9

years of practice complemented by training sessions. During this

time I have refined my touch and listening to the body. The

objective is not to “act for the client” but to make that person a

partner of the life within them. That is why I am constantly listening

to the body at all levels.


How to be freer, lighter, more open, softer. These are questions

Trager asks.

Faced with stress, the body becomes rigid, whereas it is just asking

for pleasure, simplicity and fluidity. By releasing tensions, the

person discovers the maximum of his physical capacities and

attains aimproved general state.


Trager is a means of contacting one's inner being by reaching the

deep body tensions in order to release them.”


Using this approach, I enable the discovery of new positive

sensations, greater harmony, and inner peace.


“We can give only what we are. I deeply love life and that is what

my hands are transmitting.”


Trager practitionerare trained in various countries and are

certified by Trager International®. They participate in a continuous

training programme and their right to practice it is renewed each

year, after an evaluation of their professional capacities.

Site de Trager-France: www.tragerfrance.com 



Like every Trager practitioner, I am supervised each year.


My trainings

Training in France :

2002-2005 : Apprenticeship

2007-2008 : Specialisation training, level 4

2007-2012 : Specific train ing in "Response-Réflex" with R.Kreamer, K. Schauki

Depuis 2007 : Practitioner training :

"mentastics® and batons"," alternative positions", "pathologies", "the pelvis", "the skin", "the conjunctive tissue"


Training abroad

"The choice to feel" Kate Rose (USA)

"Spirals et Diagonals" Roger Tolle (USA)

"From the core" Avi Bahat (Israel)

"The importance of the pause" Lucas Di Napoli (Italy)

"Trager and Feldenkreis" Lucas Di Napoli (Italy)


Assitant in training courses since 2007 :

With Fabienne Hirsch (France),

Louise de Montigny (Quebec)

Gael Stewart (USA)

Collective experience:

2006 : Practice with hapdicapped patients. R. Kraemer

2008 : Practice in a centre for drug addicts and alcoholics ; practice in schools. D. Berger

2012 : Participation in an International Trager  symposium (Italy)

2012 : Trager representative in the « Salon du Zen »

2013 : "The Hook up" Stage 4 et 5. Luca di Napoli (Italy)

        Mentastics® training. Piermario Clara (Italy)

2013-2014 : Trager representative at the "Espace des possibles" (Meschers)

2014 : Trager Internationale Meeting. Presentation of my recherch. Aberdeen, Scotland

         : Presentation of the Trager method, Santiago de CHILI, through workshops and individuel sessions (method previously unknown in Chili)


Workshop director :

2011 : Trager daily life

           Duo work

           Trager and sounds

2014 : Trager and Do In (in coordination with another health practitioner)





Programmeofthe current year





To refine my technique and my approach, I maintain regular contacts with practitioners of other methods (Feldenkreis, Shiatsu, Facias, Kinesiology, Energéticiens, cenesthésic® massage, sensitiv gestalt massage etc...)"


Un clin d'oeil de Santiago du Chili