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  or the art of feeling alive

Who can benefit from this method?

What happens during a session?

What is Trager?

Trager is a natural approach using the sensation of touch. It

reduces, and even sometimes abolishes the stress and tensions

in the body.


This innovative method, devised

by Dr Milton Trager, is the fruit of long

experience observing the body.

The sessions take place on a massage

table. The practitioner proposes bodily

movements to increase fluidity,

relaxation and well-being.



Trager adapts to the condition of the body.


Each session is unique, responding to the needs of the body


during that session.



The resulting fluidity favours greater alertness and dynamism


  in daily life.



To visualize a session

Who can benefit from this method ?

Any person in search of more well-being, there is no prerequisite.

    Trager is for everyone, at any age and at any moment of life


It can be practiced autonomously or with other approaches.


I consider that the Trager method can be an interesting complement


to other approaches in cases where dialogue is important (various


psychotherapies, Ericksonien hypnosis, psychogenealogis, etc.).



Beneficial effects have been observed in the following conditions:

  • stress

  • backache

  • physical pain

  • tension, stiffness

  • troubled sleep, fatigue

  • rehabilitation (re-learning of a movement, need for flexibility)

  • physical handicaps (balance, limited movement)

  • digestive and functional troubles

  • constraining professional position (extensive use of computers, etc).

  • lack of concentration (problems in school)

  • lack of self-confidence

  • physical and psychological uneasiness

  • release from addictions


The Trager method is not a substitute for a medical approach.


Trager is also:

  • for those who want to lose restraint

  • for those who want to experience a better well-being

  • for those who are in good health and who want to maintain it


What happens during a session?

Each session consists of 4 parts:

  • an interview

  • a preparatory phase

  • work on the massage table

  • a phase of integration

  1. The interview

The first conversation is very important. It is a means of getting to know each other and establishing confidence between the client and the practitioner.

The goal of the interview is to define the wishes of the client and the objective of the session.

Once priorities and the axis of the action are defined, the client establishes a “contract” with the practitioner.

- Aims of the work

- Results desired

  1. Preparatory phase

This phase occurs seated or standing.

Depending on the client, the practitioner proposes a series of small gestures that initially diminish the larger tensions of the body.

        3.Work on table (without oil)

Lying on a massage table, the person is in a comfortable position.

During this phase, the client lets himself be guided by the practitioner. A dialogue is established between with the body and its needs; the practitioner observes and takes confidence from the internal logic of the body.

In case of limited mobility, the person can be in a sitting or lateral position.


  1. Integration phase

This is a phase of debriefing and appropriation. The client assimilates what has just been achieved in order to re-use in daily life the most pleasant sensations received during the session.

At the end of the session, the client has appropriated movements adapted to his needs. He will thus be able to continue the management of his daily well-being.