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The deontology presented below reflects the good practices of

Trager®, to which I totally adhere :


1 – Practice of Trager

The practitioner will perform this function on the basis of his training and experience.

2 - Training

Trager practitioners are trained in various countries and are certified by TRAGER®



3 - Supervision

The right to practice the Trager method is renewed each year, after evaluation of the

practitioner's professional capacity. Like all Trager practitioners, I am evaluated each


4 – Confidentiality

The practitioner swears to keep professional secrets.

5 - Respect of the person

Recognising his position, the practitioner avoids any abuse of influence.


6 – Refusal of a session

The Trager practitioner may refuse to accept a session for organisational reasons, or those of the client or himself. He indicates this refusal to his colleagues.


7 – Location of the session

The Trager practitioner is attentive to the significance and the effects of the location of the session.


8 - Protection of the person

The Trager practitioner adaptes his participation to the respect and needs of the person.



Site Trager-France: www.tragerfrance.com


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06 43 55 94 33