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Short session 1h: 60 euro

The exploration process enables to establish the first basis of Trager.

Long session 1h30: 80 euro

The whole of the body is considered depth and it is possible, if needed, to give more importance to a specific corporal zone.

Classic session 45 min: 50 euro

Processes already approached during preceding sessions are maintained and revisited according to need.

Extra session 30 min: 35 euro

This short session offers the possibility of specific work on a corporalzone.

Flash session 30 min: 35 euro

The benefits of Trager are transmitted to the receiver sitting on a massage chair.

The exploration process enables to establish the first basis of Trager.

Session for young people 45min 35 euro

Special price for students.

NOTA : for limited budgets, SEL (exchange of service) is possible with a complement of a modest fee.

Session of discovery

For every initialsession of 60 or 90 minutes a preferential fee is applied: 50 euro (1h) and 60 euro (1h30)

Subscriptions (valid for one year)

5 sessions of 1h30: 70 euro persession

5 sessions of 1h : 50 euro persession

10 sessions of 1h30 : 60 euro persession

10 sessions of 1h : 40 euro persession

Loyalty card:

A tenth session is offered for nine previous sessions (1h30, 1H or 45 minutes). 


  Double care options:

Trager and Fascias 2h: 100 euro

A session of Trager and relaxation of deep tissues by a specific work on fascias.

Trager and Coaching 2h:100 euro

A session of Trager and complementary medical support given by a professional certified in coaching (several themes of support areproposed).

Trager and energetic care of hair 2h: 130 euro

A session of Trager and a cut madeby Arnaud Wertelle, energetician hair stylist (Jill Andrieu formation “Trichothérapy, revealing the Light of a Being”). Tricotherapy: click here

Duo Trager option

Shared session 2h: 100 euro (1h30: 90 euro)

Each attendant receives the benefits of the session he attends. Explic-active commentaries can be given according to the needs of the attendees.

Gift session 2h00: 100 euro (1h30: 90 euro).

By learning Trager gestures and by transmitting them to the person who is with you, you find yourself in a condition of very beneficial relaxation.

The session begins by a shared conditioning. 

Both persons have the choice either to be by turns giver and receiver of the session or to retain the same role (receiver or giver) from the beginning to the end of the session.

Trager and Gastronomy

When the art of touching meets with the refinement of the palate.

The marvelous meal created by Gilles Xin Lou will delight you, especially as your body and your spirit will have been opened by your previous session.

95 euro: 1h15 of Trager followed by the tasting prepared by the head chef Gills Xin Lou, recipientof the “Salière d’Or”, disciple of Pierre Gagnaire.

 Possibility ofduo (session of 2h, 150 euro).