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Isabelle Renier

06 43 55 94 33



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Touching .. feeling .. talking directly to your body .


Coming back again to our movements as children ...

Outcome of emotions " stuck " in our tissues, which couldn't be expressed at certain time in our life ...

The Trager method that Isabelle practces with great skill and instinctive fluidity due to years of practice bring the movements of our body to a natural deployement. The result is a deeply balanced body, as if it was years younger ....

During the days after the massage, particuraly in the morning, my body felt very relaxed whichI had not been used to for a long time.

I felt an harmonisation of the energy of my body following the rebalancing of the physical and muscular structure ( that you can feel if youpractice yoga or reiki ) . I have been massaged by lots of different people who were good in this field, specially Thaï massage and Shiatsu, but I strongly recommend Isabelle's technique, her gentleness, her great ability, her spontaneous communication, no verbal with the body, like a secret language ....

Not to forget her jolly welcome.

Thank you so much Isabelle for your sweetness, your happiness, your generosity and your kindliness, and especially the sparkling light in your eyes ...

                                 ARNAUD   ( coach )