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  Recalling a marvelous moment…

What an exciting time I had although my body had been suffering before the session, until I felt it coming back to life. A feeling of lightness came while the hands were sliding along my body.


A feeling of freedom, as the time went by, and was then that I noticed my blood circulating as if micro obstructions in my veins were disappearing one after the other.

Desires reappeared, desires for certain fod which had disappeared since my last pregnancy.


I went home quiet and peaceful and then it was that I felt asleep, it had been weeks since I slept so much and so well.


Thank you Isabelle from the deepest  of my heart for this wonderful time, I hope that you will be able to reveal it and bring it to lots of people since it is simply exceptional.



                                   ( Responsible for Education in Paris. )



        Thank you for being there for humanity. Thank you.”     



                                             ( Trager international instructor 

                                                Supervisor of Trager practicioners )