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Isabelle Renier

06 43 55 94 33



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              Many Thanks 


Many thanks to Isabelle for this great discovery : her soft Trager massage " turned  me on  " . She has got a fantastic touch, I trusted her straight away, and I could feel myself far away juste me and my feeling Well-being garanted !





Thank you Isabelle, your massage helped me to fix myself and relax, I felt it deep in my body. I felt particulary an opening around my back as if my back could expand so that there was at last room between the" ribs.

Privileged moments that I'd like to experience regulary in order to feel good.

My partner had a massage too and I was touched to discover how he managed to relax and how his body reacted. Watching him made me peaceful also as if the time beforethe massage had enabled me to be also in another quality of being , with more presence and depth.

After this combined session we spent a delicious evening, both connected by what we had lived.

  Many thanks.  


                               JOANNE    (  coach  )